This book is just the beginning of this ever-evolving topic, gender biases in graphic design, but I hope this can serve as a resource for those with questions like me. Questions such as “why is the color pink for girls?” And “where did that come from?” Or “how does that affect my design?” There must be reasons that explain why we design the way we create! I also realized that many of my gender and graphic design biases started in school. As an educator, I wanted to develop a tool to help others facilitate conversations about gender biases in graphic design. So, here it is! I know this book doesn’t cover everything regarding gender biases and graphic design, and it is written from my perspective. Like everyone else, I have biases, but I have tried to create a resource as neutral as possible. I hope you find this book helpful! “Pink Circles, Blue Squares. A Practical Guide to Fight Gender Biases in Graphic Design” is an accessible and inviting resource that compiles historical and sociological aspects of gender biases in graphic design. This book is not meant to be THE resource for this particular area of study, but instead an initial resource to help others navigate this topic. My thesis is a tool to help others facilitate conversations in a safe space while inviting participants to acknowledge, question, and challenge their own biases based on their experiences.
You can get a copy of my thesis book here:
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